In the well-researched and thought provoking book, Charles Kilmer discusses and demonstrates how Bill Gates, the billionaires of America or other people - including you - can cause the inventions which will collapse the cost of water and to spark the following worldwide industrial and agricultural revolution.


Huge numbers of people, all over the world are suffering health insurance and wealth problems - including starvation. That's simple to say. That's life. However, there's much room for improvement. Kilmer explains the reasoning and methods to the way it can be changed. How will you create much cheaper sources of water and? So how exactly does that eradicate poverty in perhaps the poorest areas? We are today with energy and water somewhere about where these folks were in the late 1970's with computer hardware and software. Equally as he was during the late 1970's with software and computers--Bill Gates has placed him
self during the emergent water and energy revolution. It is possible to too.


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